Construction sector

Provektor has for decades been a valued partner for construction companies with high demands on quality and competence. Our breadth means that you can solve almost everything with just one supplier, with all that this means in terms of time savings and reduced overall costs.

With in-house design, construction and programming resources, we provide everything you need, from copper and fiber networks and power plants to machinery installations and monitoring and control systems for everything from lighting to heating and ventilation. Access systems and security in the form of alarms and surveillance cameras are also among our specialties, contributing to safer environments, as well as equipment for convenient electric car charging.

In the field of energy optimization, we must of course not forget our solutions for our own production of solar electricity. Through our owner, the listed company Soltech, we have access to the very latest technology - and the right expertise to build a cost-optimized, well-functioning and reliable plant. It is rarely about filling the roofs to the last square centimeter with solar panels. Rather, it's about finding the right balance between the maximum output of the panels, the power requirements of the building and the conditions for selling surplus electricity to - here you need a partner who knows the regulations and what works in practice.

Of course, we also have battery storage and phase balancing solutions, which further improve economics and increase independence from external factors in an uncertain future.