About us

Although our expertise and knowledge have taken us out into the world, it is not our aim to conquer it. Our goal is to win your trust and that of our customers – in that way we strive to be Sweden’s best company within automation, electrical installation and alarm systems.

We are now at the start of a number of megatrends that will affect all aspects of our lives. This applies to us as individuals as well as to our companies. Development in areas such as digitalisation, interconnection, automation and robotics have already radically changed both our homes and our workplaces. This is the world in which Provektor works to contribute to development and profitability for our customers.

Since 1949, Provektor has made the transition from a classical electricity company to today’s modern company providing complete solutions within automation, electrical installation and alarm systems. We still serve both individuals and companies, and a large proportion of our customers work in industry and the real estate and construction sector. Our base is in the heart of Skaraborg but we are also used to planning, designing and manufacturing for export. Through our customers, we have entered markets in Europe, Asia and North America.

In recent years we have grown through both acquisitions and new hires, and we now have more than one hundred thirty committed employees spread across eleven locations in Skaraborg. By continuing to work close to our customers, we retain the flexibility and personal touch of a small business while also offering the capacity of a large company.

One success factor is our way of working with key staff within Provektor. These people are natural project managers and reliable points of contact for our customers, which is much appreciated. Clear areas of responsibility and authority also mean that we can always guarantee to deliver complete solutions with high quality and reliability of delivery. This enables us to build long-term customer relationships – just the way we like it.

One part of  Soltech

Foto: Soltech

Since March 2021 is Provektor a part of Soltech Group. Soltech is a comprehensive supplier of energy and solar cell solutions with control over the entire value chain. They offer, develops, sells, installs and optimize everything from roofs and facades with fully integrated solar cells to charging posts and storage solutions.

Target group is the public sector, industry, property owners and private individuals. With Soltech as owner, Provektor will invest more in solar energy as well as charging and storage options.

Wich feels like a complete match for Provektor’s goals and direction for the future. More about Soltech.

Company facts


Started: 1949
Revenue approx. SEK 147 million
Number of employees: 135
Head office: Skara, Västra Götaland
Service desk: Skövde, Lidköping, Götene, Tibro, Karlsborg, Töreboda, Tidaholm, Falköping, Vara and Hova.
Other: Membership of  Installatörsföretagen.



Quality, environment and work environment policy

Provektor Sweden AB is a engineering company that puts professional competence in focus and is actively working to improve our operating areas and perform our tasks with good quality.

Environmental work is a natural part of our daily work by making sure thatwaste is reduced, improving recycling, and preventing pollution and offer our customers environmentally friendly products.

We prevent injury and illness at work by developing and adapting our workplaces which aims at maintaining a healthy and comfortable working environment.


We constantly improve our operations by educating the staff in order to satisfy our Customers and their requests. The improvements aims at minimizing our negative environmental impact, maintaining a healthy work environment and to comply with applicable laws, regulations and other requirements that the our company is affected by.

Certifications – ISO

Provektor Sweden AB (in Skara, Skövde, Lidköping, Karlsborg, Tibro, Falköping Götene and Töreboda) has established and applied a management system according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 regarding design, installation and programming of elctrical applications within industry, management, service and outsorced projects.

• Certificate.


Our history

Provektor used to be called Johanssons El but changed to its current name in 2010. The company was started by Sven Johansson in Skara on 20 May 1949. In 1988 the operations moved to their present premises on Afsengatan, which were expanded and renovated in 2009. In 1982 the business was turned into a public limited company, since when it has had a clear strategy of continuous growth and expansion of its activities. The aim is to enhance the range of services and increase our capacity and service level for our customers.

  • In 2009 the Lidköping branch was established, and since 2010 Provektor has also been in Götene.
  • In 2015 a branch was established in Skövde.
  • In 2015 Provektor acquired Vadsbo Elektriska.
  • In 2016 Provektor and Vadsbo Elektriska merged into one company.
  • In 2017 a branch was established in Vara.
  • In 2018 Provektor was established in Falköping and Hova.
  • In 2018, Provektor acquired Tibro Eljtänst.
  • In 2019, Provektor acquired NE-Johanssons Elektriska in Falköping.
  • In 2021 Provector sold to listed Soltech Energy Sweden AB (publ).
  • In 2022, Provektor acquired Trönninge Elektriska AB in Halmstad.
  • In 2022, Provektor acquired Fd JTH Elservice in Helsingborg.

Johanssons el