Industrial automation & process control

A well-designed, carefully tested and highly automated production facility is increasingly becoming a prerequisite for profitable production with high and consistent quality in a safe working environment.

Automation is the industry's most important tool to face competition from countries that rely on cheap, low-skilled labor. A well-designed, carefully tested and highly automated production facility is increasingly becoming a prerequisite for profitable production with high and consistent quality in a safe working environment.

At Provektor , we work closely with our customers on continuous improvement and streamlining of industrial processes of all kinds, in demanding industries such as food production, environmental and waste management and engineering industries both within and far beyond our regular area of operation - even beyond the country's borders.

From us you get complete end-to-end solutions for efficient and reliable production, with everything from a single supplier. We have all key competencies in-house, from concept design, planning and construction to installation and commissioning, including ongoing maintenance. Our in-house programming department and our industry-unique workshop enable us to guarantee delivery times and quality assurance from start to finish. It's easier and safer for you - and you get a better result, whether it's a single machine or a complete production line.

Process plants - Machine control - Low-voltage switchgear - Switchgear and controlgear cabinets and control panels

Our customers include competitive and demanding companies such as Dafgårds, Daloc, Jula, Kinnarps, Parker Hannifin, Scan, Semper and many more. We are happy to add your company to the list.


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Frequently asked questions

Electrical engineering is the creation of the electrical basis for the design, installation, repair and maintenance of an electrical system. Provektor, an electrical and automation company with thoughtful and sustainable end-to-end solutions, plays a central role throughout the process. We help your company with everything from inquiry to installation and commissioning.

Working with an experienced electrical designer is essential to ensure optimal function and efficiency. Our dedicated team will work with owners, facility managers and other key players to find the right automation solution for your business. As a full-service electrical construction company, we take responsibility for the entire process - from design to project completion. We also ensure that all steps, including compliance with ISO standards, are managed and secured along the way.

Our experienced designers and automation technicians specialize in staying ahead of common electrical problems through regular preventive maintenance. By getting involved in every phase of your project, we strive to create sustainable and reliable solutions that not only meet, but exceed your expectations. Contact us and we will be happy to tell you more about how we can support you!

Provektor supports companies by delivering automation solutions in industrial and process automation. We create efficient and reliable production by increasing productivity, reducing downtime and optimizing your production flow.

Provektor delivers tailored services to a wide range of sectors, including food production, wastewater treatment plants, waterworks and engineering. Our expertise is in streamlining automation systems to maximize productivity and reliability.

Provektor can handle projects of all sizes - from small to large turnkey projects with electricity, PLC, SCADA and more. We offer customized automation solutions that fit your project's unique needs and size.  

We start every project with a thorough calculation, ranging from simple estimates and budget prices to fixed prices and turnkey contracts. Our prices are based on the information we have on you as a customer. Specific costs are quoted to match specific details. Contact us to discuss a cost estimate. 

After the completion of the project, Provektor continues to offer service for the finished installation, as agreed with the end customer. We are thus ready to ensure the long-term efficiency and reliability of your automation even after the end of the project.

Your project deserves a high-quality electrical design that is strategically aligned with the needs of today and tomorrow. Provektor is a well-established company with an experienced and diverse group of specialists who can help you through every step of the project.

We have many years of experience in valuing Swedish craftsmanship of high quality, reliability and safety. In our electrical and automation projects, we always prioritize an open and close dialogue with our customers.

Our wide range of services, from concept design, engineering and construction to installation and maintenance, makes us the convenient choice for your electrical service needs. With our broad expertise, we quickly adapt to any challenges during the project, ensuring agreed timelines and costs.