Sustainability & quality

Together with our sister companies in the Soltech Group, we at Provektor actively pursue sustainability work towards common goals.

With Provektor towards a sustainable future

For us, sustainability includes both environmental and social aspects. Our sustainability agenda is divided into six areas:

  • Environmental and climate impact
  • Resource efficiency
  • Working environment
  • Skills supply
  • Responsible value chain
  • Innovation

Our most important efforts for a sustainable future involve contributing to our clients' green transition by installing facilities for the production of fossil-free energy, while virtually everything else we do involves streamlining processes and saving energy. This work also includes moving towards circular material flows, with increasing reuse and recycling of materials and equipment.

Of course, we are also making efforts in the same spirit internally. We continuously analyze and eliminate emission sources, reduce our energy consumption and convert our vehicle fleet. We actively pursue environmental issues together with our suppliers, where we place ever-increasing demands on traceability and responsible production, also from a social perspective.

You can find our full Environmental and Sustainability Policy here.

Our role as a supplier of, for example, solar cells, electric vehicle chargers and energy optimization systems, gives us a unique ability to practice what we preach. Step by step, we are introducing features such as presence-controlled LED-based lighting and optimized climate systems, while taking big steps towards fossil-free transport. In parallel with using our deep knowledge in these areas, we are actively working on issues such as responsible waste management and increased recycling. The fact that our own operations do not give rise to any significant negative environmental impact is not a reason to be complacent - we take environmental issues as seriously as they deserve.

For us, operating in an industry where competition for qualified labor is tough, it is particularly obvious to offer a good working environment, where equal treatment and responsiveness to requests are natural elements. This is not only a matter of hygiene, but also a strong competitive advantage.

We value professional skills highly and offer continuous training to ensure that all our employees have a broad range of knowledge. A safe working environment with a constant focus on risk analysis and damage prevention, combined with good opportunities to change both work tasks and location, creates a healthy working climate with a strong team spirit and a sense of fair play - something that we constantly strive to develop further. Ongoing innovation work helps us to remain at the forefront of the industry with new, efficient and circular technology. Continuous measurements and follow-ups ensure that targets are met - and when they are, we move them forward.

Provektor is a member of the industry organization Installatörsföretagen and has ISO-certified management systems for quality, environment and work environment (ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001). The certification involves annual review by independent inspectors and requires continuous improvement work towards set goals.

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