Building automation

In recent years, rising and fluctuating electricity prices have made the benefits of energy efficiency through building automation clearer than ever. By controlling everything from heating, cooling, sun protection, lighting, ventilation and much more adapted to the needs in real time, there is a lot of money to be saved. Even from an administrative point of view, it is a great advantage to be able to monitor and control all functions in a property from a single central point - or via a laptop, tablet or mobile phone over the Internet in connection with troubleshooting or service. 

A Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) system from us at Provektor makes all of this possible, and more. The detailed control capabilities also come with automatic monitoring functions that detect anomalies before any faults have time to cause costly damage to the property. We don't just install the systems - we have full control of the entire chain from cabinet construction and programming to commissioning and ongoing maintenance.

With a well-thought-out building automation system, you not only contribute to a more sustainable society but also save a lot of money. A property with good energy performance also becomes more valuable.

An automation project always starts with a needs analysis together with you to determine what the system should be able to do. Of course, we are brand-independent in the choice of equipment, so we can always find the options that best suit your property. Within the company's walls, we have all the resources required for calculation, design, construction, programming and user training - this gives you valuable security, fast deliveries and quotes that last. Our size and stability then means you can be sure that the spare parts and system know-how required for worry-free operation for many years to come are in place. We take responsibility for what we install!

An important component of a modern, energy-efficient property is its own electricity production using solar cells - an area where we have solid experience of both large and small projects, and also the resources of our parent company Soltech behind us.

The higher the price of electricity, the faster an investment in solar panels pays off. The benefits come both from cutting consumption peaks and from the possibility of being paid for surplus energy fed into the grid. Battery storage creates more opportunities for self-sufficiency and preparedness for power outages. 

The options are many and the regulations are sometimes complicated - but if you choose us as a supplier, you know that you get a safe, optimized system that suits your conditions, whether it is a large industrial building, an apartment building or a private villa. Read more about our energy optimization.

Another possible source of income is to help balance the grid by installing a phase-balancing inverter. Phase balancing equipment is usually paired with solar battery storage, but you don't have to have battery storage for it to work.

We at Provektor have extensive experience in installing electric vehicle charging and battery storage systems.


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