Provektor for private individuals

We are electricians near you. We do everything from installing your solar panels, fixing the lighting in your garden and of course we rewire all the electricity in your entire house if you wish. Welcome to us.

With more than 75 years of experience, we do everything from installing your solar panels, arranging the lighting in your garden and fixing anything electrical that needs fixing. Most of our activities are aimed at companies, but you as a private person are also welcome, no matter what you need help with. Contact your nearest Provector office!

We perform everything from regular service to emergency repairs and new installations of most electrical, telecommunications and computer networks. Whatever your concerns - ask us, and you'll get the job done right with everything from one supplier. 

We have the knowledge and authorization required to install a properly dimensioned, safe and profitable photovoltaic system - with or without battery storage. We know the rules for the Green Technology deduction and take care of all the practicalities - read more or get in touch and we'll tell you more.

No loop signal. We'll fix that.

Time for your lawnmower to do the right thing. A flashing display that says "missing line signal" is usually due to a cable break. It's not at all uncommon for a shovel or rake to go a little deep in the ground while shoveling or gardening. We come to your home, look for the problem, find the problem and fix it.

*Wedo not service or repair robotic mowers.

We at Provektor know electric car charging and work with the leading brands on the market to find a smooth and safe solution for your property, indoors or outdoors, at a fixed price. We start by reviewing the conditions at your home free of charge, where we determine together what is needed in addition to the charger itself - and how you can adapt your electricity subscription for charging when electricity is at its cheapest.

The more electronics that fill our homes, the more can break or cause fires in the event of lightning strikes or power surges. Many houses lack not only lightning protection, but also ground fault circuit interrupters - savings that can be as expensive as they are dangerous. We also recommend that you let us do a regular inspection of your electrical panel - cheap life insurance!

Provektor are members of Installatörsföretagen and are ISO certified. When you hire us, you can always be sure that the job will be done correctly by a qualified electrician with solid experience - from a company that has had quality as its watchword for more than 75 years.

The ROT deduction gives you a tax reduction of 30% of the cost of the work when you hire a craftsman. Almost all electrical work qualifies for the ROT deduction, which is deducted directly from the invoice - provided that your income results in a sufficiently high tax.

You can find more information about the ROT deduction at the Swedish Tax Agency.


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