Working with us

Being part of the growing Pro Vector team is much more than a job. With us, you become an important player in a strong community, with room to develop, to be seen and to influence. Here we proudly work towards common goals where everyone helps everyone. We are convinced that you will do a better job if you are happy and committed to your job, your colleagues and the company.

Your new career awaits

Thanks to our size, you'll have plenty of opportunities to change jobs and locations as life takes you in new directions - and we'll make sure to build your skills to get you ready to take on new responsibilities. Our goal of having all key competencies within our own organization means we always have room for new employees with the right skills, drive and teamwork.

We have room for a wide range of professionals - electricians, programmers, designers, project managers, estimators, sales people, marketers and administrators, both new graduates and those with solid experience. Internal recruitment creates interesting career paths, while fresh blood from outside contributes new perspectives. This is how we stay at the forefront of development.

Working with us

Most of our facilities are located in Skaraborg, but we are also well represented in southern Sweden. However, our area of operation is much larger than that, as our customers are often located in several places - some even outside Sweden's borders. 

Are you curious about Provektor? Even if we don't always have a vacancy at the moment, opportunities can arise at any time!

Current vacancies

- Construction & service electricians in Skövde, Sweden

We will expand and strengthen our team in Skövde and are now looking for you to join us. We want you to have a few years of experience in service and/or contracting.

We see taking on trainees and apprentices as an investment for the future. For us, it is natural to be part of society and take our share of the responsibility, while ensuring the re-growth of the industry.  

If you attend an electrical engineering upper secondary school, you can get an internship at one of our local offices. If you want to become an apprentice, you must have graduated from the electrical program with a focus on electrical engineering, or equivalent adult education. Get in touch if you are interested. Contact us and we will tell you more!