Electrical installation, service & maintenance

We carry out installations, repairs and maintenance of electrical installations for industry as well as large and small property owners, in both new and rebuilding projects, with a constant focus on quality in everything we do. 

If you know what you want your plant to do, we'll take care of the rest - from planning, design and construction of equipment to programming, installation and commissioning, all in-house. Our ISO-certified quality assurance system and our long experience mean that you can rely on us for a well thought-out, efficient and future-proof overall solution. If you wish, we can also take proactive responsibility for preventive service and maintenance to minimize the risk of operational disturbances. 

It was with electrical installations that our company started operating back in the late forties. It is still an important part of what we do, but the field has grown enormously since then, both in scope and complexity. In other words, you need an experienced partner who is in tune with the fast-moving technological developments.

When you choose to work with us at Provektor , you get access to all the expertise you need with a single partner. With nearly 140 employees, a large number of local offices and a listed owner, we have resources that few can match. This simplifies your everyday life and creates a unique sense of security. We are always there to solve your problems, today and in the future. 


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