Vehicle charging

A fast-growing area is the provision of charging points for electric vehicles - for the company's own needs or as an increasingly popular service for tenants, staff or visitors. We are happy to help you explore the possibilities today.

At Provektor we work with the market-leading suppliers of charging equipment and no matter which brand you prefer, we will help you from start to finish. The process starts with us analyzing your charging needs and proposing a suitable solution. In connection with the installation, we of course ensure that the charging can then take place without the risk of overloading your existing electricity network.

For public fast charging, stricter rules apply from April 2024 according to the EU's AFIR (Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Regulation), including in terms of charging power, transparent pricing systems and requirements for readers for payment cards/contactless payment.

Whether you want to install alternating current (AC) or fast direct current (DC) charging at varying charging power levels, outdoors or indoors, we at Provektor have the products and knowledge needed, including convenient charging and payment solutions.

For example, via the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, companies, property owners and organizations can apply for the "Ladda Bilen grant" for the installation and purchase of charging stations, for example in the housing association's garage, in the staff parking lot or for the company's fleet of distribution vehicles. The grant currently amounts to a maximum of 50 percent of the total investment cost (including labor costs), but no more than SEK 15,000 per charging point.

The following requirements must be met to receive the grant:

  • The charging stations must be installed on a property owned by the applicant.
  • The application must be made no later than six months after the completion of the installation work.
  • Charging stations should not be public, i.e. not intended for the general public.
  • The installation must be carried out by a certified electrician.
  • Charging stations shall be prepared for electricity metering and billing and be equipped with at least a type 2 or Combo 2 socket.

Read more about grants for charging stations at the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency.


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