When it comes to different types of alarms, we work with the market's leading brands to find an optimal solution for your business - if you have other ideas, we're happy to listen to them too. For maximum protection, we can integrate burglar alarms, evacuation alarms and fire alarms with other security systems such as lock control, surveillance cameras, lighting and building automation systems. 

The mere presence of a burglar alarm can act as a real deterrent, as can strong sound and light signals to attract attention if a break-in is attempted. But to be truly useful, the alarm must also be passed on to an emergency response center for quick action. 

A fire alarm protects both lives and high property values. Early detection is crucial to minimize the damage caused by a fire. We at Provektor have been installing fire alarms of most brands for many years. This experience means that we know which types are the most effective and where they should be placed so that fires can be detected as quickly as possible.

A social alarm or personal alarm is something you carry with you to call for help in an emergency. The typical application for the elderly is just one of many. An emergency or assault alarm increases safety when working in vulnerable environments or working alone, with a direct connection to an alarm center. There are many variants to suit different situations - in a mobile phone, in a computer or as a watch on the arm.


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