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Electrical installation

No loop signal. Kevin will take care of that.

8 April 2023

There may be more than one reason. Kevin knows that. A glorious Friday morning with Kevin proves it.

The journey takes us to Hjo where a robot lawnmower is on strike. The customer suspects that it has to do with the new routing of the gravel path as the boundary wire has been moved to adapt it to the new path. Kevin measures and can quickly rule out certain parts of the loop's route. Together with the customer, we understand where the error is and in this case it is not a cut-off loop but simply a splice clamp that was not sufficiently clamped and did not provide contact. Quickly and quickly fixed!

On to Fagersanna and another robot lawnmower that is also not doing well. Kevin quickly concludes that there is nothing wrong with the loop, it is simply the transformer that has failed. Kevin talks to the customer and orders a new transformer that will be in place within a few days.

Third place, in Tibro, where we have new nicely plastered grass edges and here there is no loop signal. Kevin goes for a walk with the cable finder to locate the cable break. The cable locator goes silent and there we have the error. It is easy to fish out a cut-off loop under the plate. Up with the plate, find the other cable and splice them together. That was also fixed. Knowledge, routine and the right tools! Kevin has all three!
Welcome if you want help from Kevin or any of his colleagues.

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