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Electric car chargers have their own place in the idyll!


Eva and Mikael live in a real idyll in the countryside in Moholm. Incredibly picturesque with a large plot, where some of the houses date back to the 19th century. The new electric car has to be charged efficiently and safely, and they don't want it sitting on any of the houses.

We always do a HOMECHECK!

Before installation, "our" Gustav was at HOMECHECK and met Mikael who told us about their wishes. They went through the initial situation and the status of electrical cabinets etc. This is done during a visit before installation so that we have a common goal picture and that the work should be done quickly, neatly and efficiently.

The solution

To get the charging station in the desired location, a "digging job" had to be done first. A "control and power cable" was run from the electrical cabinet at the back of the house to the location of the charger. Such a cable has two functions, electricity and data in one, which means that you only need to run one cable.

During the HOMECHECK, Gustav noted that the electrical center was a few years old, it worked perfectly well but it was too crowded to add more modules for fuses. He solved this by expanding the existing electrical center with a new enclosure. When you do this, you also make sure to leave about 30% free for any additional needs in the future. Gustav had thought that they might want more outdoor lighting and then it should be easy to work on it.

Now there is a charging station in the garden of Eva and Mikael. In the desired location among the sunflowers and hollyhocks. And if in the future they acquire additional vehicles that can be charged, there is plenty of room for it, both in the garden and in the electrical cabinet!

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