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Villa with custom panels

Skara 2022

Single-storey villa with living space of 180 m² with associated garage and ancillary spaces, there is an area of 220 m² to be heated, plus two electric car chargers. Electricity consumption/year: approx. 16,000Kwh.

The panels on this house are placed in east/west positions, which provides an even and good electricity production throughout the day. In east mode, the front of the house, the panels are mounted horizontally and in west mode they are mounted vertically. This is to maximize the number of panels on the roof.

In order to produce more power than the fuse allowed, FerroAmp's EnergyHub was installed. A system that transfers energy between phase conductors (phase balancing) to increase the space between the main fuse and loads.

Facts about the installation
Power: 21.6 kWp
Estimated annual production: 19 720 kWh
Aspect: East/west
Roof pitch: 27 degrees
Number of panels: 54 pcs
Panel model: Hyundai M6 PERC Shingled VG 400W
Inverter: Ferroamp EnergyHub 14kW
Surface area: 107 m²
Mounting system: Esdec, roof tiles

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