Provektor is a complete and innovative machine manufacturer which provides end-to-end solutions for efficient and reliable production. We develop and build everything from small machines to large plants for both process and manufacturing industry.ri.

We handle everything from conceptual design, planning, construction and production to installation and servicing of machines and systems. As we have all the skills under one roof, we can guarantee great reliability of delivery, quality and long service life for your investment as a customer.


Machine construction

One of our strengths is that our team is made up of engineers and technicians in both electrical and mechanical engineering. The construction team has very extensive experience and sits right next to our own workshop, which makes us very efficient. We draw up and construct equipment in 3D CAD, often in collaboration with the customer.


A key element of the construction phase is to run 3D simulations of equipment, machinery and the whole flow. This allows us to avoid conflicts and errors in later stages of the project, and it is also an effective method of modelling the best solution in complex systems.

Machine construction

We build all the equipment in our own workshop, which guarantees great reliability of delivery and quality. When the construction phase is finished, we work towards two clear goals, FAT and SAT. FAT stands for factory acceptance test, which means that we test-run machines under production-like conditions in our own workshop. When the FAT is finished, the machine is sent to the customer as a whole unit or in pieces. In the actual environment at the customer, we then carry out a SAT, or site acceptance test. Once the SAT has been approved, the machine is ready to use.

Machine control

We offer everything from small machines to large complete production systems, including storing data in central computer systems and full-scale visualisation systems. We are brand-independent partners who work with many different types of control system and technology. A large proportion of the monitoring and control systems that we develop are based on PLC, IEC61850 and SCADA.

Robot control

The trend in industrial production is towards robot systems. Here, we work with most of the well-known brands, including ABB and KUKA (official partner). The solutions using robot cells are very flexible, the development times are short and the costs are very reasonable compared to building one-off machines. One area where robots bring great benefits is ‘bin picking’ in combination with cameras and image recognition technology.


CE marking

All machines and production lines are required by law to carry the CE mark. We have our own certified staff to CE-mark the equipment and ensure that it complies with statutory requirements. This is an area of specialised knowledge which is much appreciated by our customers. Reviews, risk assessments and documentation produced in the course of the project help to prevent surprises in the final stage of the project.

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