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Moving into a newly renovated house in Tibro - Snickaren 27

Tibro 2019-2020

39 new apartments ready for occupancy on October 1, 2020. The Snickaren block was previously a retirement home that has now been completely renovated with apartment sizes from one to three. The property is centrally located in Tibro and is now suitable for all target groups.

The developer was AB Tibrobyggen. The project was carried out in the form of partnering, managed by Asplunds Bygg AB in Central Sweden as a turnkey contractor.

Provektor has been involved in the project from start to finish. During the winter and early spring, the work consisted of installing ladders and feeding cable up to the apartments and in the apartments, hoses were pulled and boxes were installed.

Solar cells have been assembled and installed, thankfully on days with good weather. They provide a total system power of 33.6 kwp.

During the spring and summer, appliances and lighting in the apartments have been installed and commissioned, solar cells have also been put into use in late summer.

In the final stages of the project, access systems / door phones have been installed on the property and outdoor lighting in the parking lot and at the entrances.

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