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Sorting plant in Belgium on target!

L I M B UR G - S K A R A 2 0 1 9

A major project is coming to an end. A project where all of Provector's competencies have been involved. This is Envac Scandinavia's assignment, an optical waste sorting facility in the Limburg region of Belgium. The project has been in the pipeline since 2019. After many years of practical tests and political discussions, the positive decision from the Belgians came in March 2020.

Provektor has the privilege of being the supplier of the automation solution for control cabinets and programming of the sorting plant and now also the commissioning of the sorting plant.

We have built switchgear, control cabinets, frequency converter modules and distributed I/O cabinets as well as PLC and SCADA programming. Due to the prevailing circumstances, all equipment has been tested at "home" in Skara without the customer before delivery to Belgium.

In early November, it was time for Erik, Niclas, Carl and Oscar to go to Belgium to test I/O signals as part of the start-up of the sorting plant. It was a lot of work and very cold, but with a very good result the group could go home after 10 days.

This is a project that has felt the "corona effect" but still went well due to a great commitment from all employees. We are proud of everyone involved, a top delivery from the entire Provector team.

Before commissioning, it is off to Belgium once more to participate in "hot commissioning", in this part of the project we are involved in starting up the plant for live tests together with our customer. The project is planned to be ready to start sorting in early 2022. At that time, the end customer will receive waste from several municipalities in Belgium.

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