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Sustainable energy supply at SA Furniture

Tibro 2019

SA Möbler AB is one of Sweden's leading manufacturers of office furniture. The production unit is located on 15,000 m² of industrial space in Tibro. One of the challenges of manufacturing in Sweden is to keep energy consumption as efficient as possible.

It was time to update the boiler, which was in operation 24 hours a day, all year round. The boiler burns shavings from manufacturing, which then provide heat to the large press and production facilities. Oil has also been used as a tip.

With an environmental mindset that permeates the entire company, SA furniture decided to implement a project they have chosen to call "Sustainable energy supply".

Provektor , which SA furniture had collaborated with since before, was given the opportunity to enter this project and make an analysis of where energy-saving measures could be made.

SA furniture, which put together a project group* and Göran Johansson, project manager at Provektor, carried out an energy saving check that showed where there was a need for maintenance and possibly new installation.

Three steps were defined in the one-pass test

  • Change to a frequency-controlled compressor, the existing one was worn out and a frequency-controlled one requires less operation.
  • Install an accumulator system. The compressor has low efficiency but high heat generation, which means that the wood chip boiler does not need to be started between April and October, but recovery of the compressor heat and possibly an electric boiler is sufficient.
  • New boiler

At the time of writing, phases 1 and 2 have been completed and SA furniture recycles the compressor to 100% using an accumulator tank that supplies the press in production with recycled heat.

The project continues with the rebuilding of the existing ventilation system and the heating is then done with recycled heat from the compressor.

The project continues with the reconstruction of the existing ventilation system and the heating is then done with recycled heat from the compressor.

*The project group at SA furniture consists of, Björn Björklund, Niclas Andersson, Joakim Israelsson, Tobias Karlsson, Jonas Nyström.

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