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Lugnet Retirement Home

Lidköping 2016-2017

Lugnet retirement home is located in little Örslösa outside Lidköping. It is a rural environment overlooking green pastures. The accommodation is built on one level with 30 apartments. All food is cooked on site and with an increased number of apartments, a new kitchen is being built.


27 old apartments will be renovated and 3 new ones built, public areas and kitchens will be renovated. To make the work as painless as possible for the residents and employees, the property is being renovated in stages, which means focusing on one part of the building at a time so that operations can continue without major obstacles. Planning and cooperation play a very important role here. New access, security and fire alarm systems are installed.


Provektor has between 2 and 4 electricians out at Lugnet at all times, and since this project is a renovation and extension, the work includes everything from supplementing old electrical installations to making completely new ones. A new fire alarm system has been installed and will be added after the renovation is completed and residents move in. Planning and project management are essential as it is a business with residents and staff that must function simultaneously during the renovation.

The fire alarm is of an addressable type (made by Consilium) with about 200 alarm points. The facility is connected to a so-called superordinate system where the facility owner can manage and monitor functions via remote connection. Alarms are also transmitted to the staff's mobile phones to quickly see in plain text which detector has been activated.

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