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Lundsbrunns Kurort is up and running again!

Skara - Lundsbrunn 2019

Lundsbrunns Kurort is currently undergoing renovation and refreshment of the hotel, restaurant, conference and spa. For a long time, the spa has been empty and it is with pleasure that we see the change.

Now the spa is on its way back to its former self. A tasteful and contemporary renovation where we at Provektor have had the honor of being involved.

In addition to traditional electrical work in the renovation of hotels, conference rooms and kitchens, we are installing access systems and electronic locks in the hotel rooms that are integrated with the hotel booking system. We have also updated and modernized the resort's fire alarm and new emergency evacuation signs have been put in place.

Right now, the work is concentrated in the part called Hotel Sörbodal. In honor of the day, we have a small assistant to help. Fun and inspiring work and work environment!

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