Programming & process control

Our customers often have special needs within automation and industrial processes. We are used to supplying solutions for rapid commissioning and are a brand-independent partner with the skills to develop for many different control systems and programming languages.

The trend in industrial production is towards robot systems. Here, we work with most of the well-known brands, including ABB and KUKA. The solutions using robot cells are very flexible, the development times are short and the costs are very reasonable compared to building one-off machines. One area where robots bring great benefits is ‘bin picking’ in combination with vision control. We are also seeing a trend towards greater integration with business and production systems, and we can offer solutions here too.


Although the trend is towards robot systems for industrial production, the majority of the monitoring and control systems that we program are based on PLC, IEC61850 and SCADA.

We currently work with the following technologies:

  • PLC programming
  • Robot programming
  • SCADA programming
  • Windows programming
  • Safety PLC
  • IEC 61850

We program for the following applications:

  • Complete process and machine control systems
  • Monitoring systems
  • Robot control
  • Vision control
  • PC-based presentation solutions
  • Building automation

Want to know more about Programming and process control?

Bengt Karlsson

Head of programming

+46 (0)709 44 52 05