Solar & energy storage

With today's - and tomorrow's - electricity prices, generating your own electricity with solar panels can significantly reduce your property's operating costs, and is a major step towards sustainability.

Factors such as the rapid transformation of the transport sector, investments in fossil-free steel production and ambitions to reduce gas dependence in Europe suggest that electricity is unlikely to become cheaper - and new nuclear power is a long way off. 

Thanks to our long experience of large and small solar energy plants, we at Provektor can find effective solutions for all types of commercial properties, industries, farms or residential buildings - always adapted to the conditions of each project and taking into account future needs. We are there for you both today and tomorrow, all the way from design to ongoing maintenance and upgrades.

An investment in solar power requires quite a few questions to be answered. For example, what is the energy use over the day and year? Can you sell any surplus electricity - and at what price? How much return can you expect? Can you save more with phase balancing and battery storage? Can you have a smaller main fuse? Can you reduce the maximum output and change your electricity tariff? Are you planning for large-scale vehicle charging? How much power should you aim for - what's too little, what's too much? And so on. In other words, you need a competent supplier to guide you through the pitfalls - and we'll give you the right answers!

What's more, when you choose Provektor , you can get everything from a single source, with all the security you need for the future.

With the current state of the electricity market, you can normally expect an annual return of between 8 and 12 percent for a typical solar installation. A solar panel installation is also a good opportunity to take a holistic approach to your company's energy consumption and control system. Features such as battery storage and electric car charging may need to be prepared, even if they are not initially implemented. Let's build a future-proof facility together!

We at Provektor know solar energy with smart control and storage - not least because we are part of the listed Soltech Group, which is one of Sweden's largest solar energy companies. This means that you can be sure that we have the very latest technology and the freshest knowledge - today and tomorrow.


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Frequently asked questions

Checkwatt is our partner in energy optimization and through our cooperation we can offer a range of specialized services to improve your energy efficiency. This includes peak management, support services such as FCR and FFR, electricity price arbitrage for cost efficiency, increased self-use of solar energy, and optimization to increase available power. In addition, we engage in flex markets.

With Checkwatt as your partner, you get tailor-made solutions that meet your specific needs and maximize your energy efficiency.

Yes, there are grants for electric car charging. BRF and companies can apply for a grant from the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, with up to 50% of the entire investment cost, including any digging and paving. However, the grant is limited to a maximum of SEK 15,000 per charging point.

For private individuals, this is included in the green deduction, with up to 50% of the investment cost.

It is normally profitable to install solar panels, with a typical payback period of 7-10 years. It is common to note that a PV system is usually estimated to produce energy for about 30 years. Optimize your company's energy efficiency and consider PV as a long-term and economically beneficial solution.

It is estimated that an east/west installation is between 5-10% less productive than a south-facing installation, but more panels are usually installed, which still increases production and reduces the overall payback period.

Although a south-facing roof generally provides higher efficiency, an east/west-facing PV system can increase the self-consumption of energy produced. Although the production is usually between 5-10% lower compared to south-facing, the installation of more panels can compensate for this, resulting in an increased total production and a reduced payback period. It can therefore be a wise strategy to maximize the benefit of your PV system with an east/west optimization.

Provektor was founded in 1949 and stands out as a complete electrical installation company with broad expertise - from small service jobs with private individuals to extensive contracts and automation projects. As part of the listed Soltech Group, we give you security as a customer. We are committed to being present in the market and taking responsibility for warranties and any issues during the 30 years of operation of your solar installation. With our long experience in electrical installations, we guarantee a safe and efficient overall solution from planning to completion. 

In Sweden, where regular rainfall is common, this is often considered sufficient to keep solar panels clean. However, if you do choose to wash them, it is important to be careful and avoid using sharp tools so as not to damage the panels.

In general, a photovoltaic installation requires minimal maintenance, but depending on the environment, some simple measures may be needed. For example, it may be necessary to clean panels if there are many birds littering or pulling sticks and branches under the panels towards the roof.

Provektor offers tailor-made service contracts for both companies and individuals. Through a service agreement with us, you ensure long-term and reliable operation of your system.

Provektor offers customized service contracts with different scope and price levels. Our services range from annual checks and evaluations to regular monitoring and monthly reports on the performance of the installation in relation to the local weather at your address. By quickly identifying and addressing any deviations, we ensure the smooth and efficient operation of your PV system. A service contract with us ensures the long-term and reliable operation of your PV system. 

Provektor installs photovoltaic systems on roofs, facades and ground. From small installations to solar parks, we deliver tailor-made solutions to maximize your solar investment.

Provektor installs battery storage for both businesses and individuals. The normal size of our battery installations ranges from 10kWh and up for individuals, while businesses can benefit from battery storage from 50kWh up to several MW. Optimize your energy storage with reliable and efficient battery installations. 

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