St Göran’s Hospital

Next to Fridhemsplan on Kungsholmen is one of Stockholm’s most central emergency hospitals, St Göran’s. The hospital is also one of the biggest emergency hospitals in the country in terms of the number of patients admitted each year. The present hospital is over one hundred years old, but its roots go all the way back to the 13th century.

The assignment

To meet the demands for safety in a modern hospital, the power supply and the control system needed to be modernised. The assignment was to act as a sub-contractor to Linjemontage AB to replace and upgrade the existing operational control of all power at St Göran’s.

The solution

One requirement for the system is that it must never lose power. Together with a partner company, Provektor worked for just over a year to design and program a new, advanced control system.

The challenge was met by supplying electricity from three different districts of Stockholm. In the event of outages in the external supply, a battery back-up cuts in automatically and the power supply to the different functions of the hospital is re-prioritised. Then trusty diesel generators are started up, which can run for a long period. When the supply is judged to be reliable once more, it is phased in again completely automatically by the control system, and all the functions of the hospital return to normal operation.

The control system now also allows a third party to monitor the operation via metering instruments. Electricity and heat consumption can also be regulated via the new system. The work was finished in 2014.


Provektor has similar assignments running at the hospitals in Kalmar and Västervik