Our mission:

Electrical installation

Replacement of the electrical panel at St. Birgitta's Chapel

Skövde 2020

In the spring, Provektor began planning to replace the electrical control center and service supply to Skövde crematorium and St. Birgitta's chapel. New canalisation for the service cable has been buried during the autumn and a new central unit has been built.

Last summer Madelene and Ebba started to assemble the ladder for the new service supply inside the crematorium, and now for four days they have been working on replacing the old electrical central unit in the crematorium. Meanwhile, a backup power plant has been connected to keep the vital functions running that cannot be turned off during the time the work is going on (cold room, freezer room and passage system).

A lot of planning has been required from our and the business's side as funerals have had to change dates, and cremations have been carried out at other locations.

The cremation oven has had to be turned off, backup power to fans has had to be disconnected.

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