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On Västerängs farm, the dairy cows have summer time all year round....

Töreboda 2021

...but not summer heat.

It is now known that dairy cows feel best and produce the most milk if they have access to daylight for 16 hours a day and the other 8 hours they want to relax in a darker environment. This amount of daylight is difficult to achieve naturally all year round in our country.

But this can be changed, and Arjen and Annie van Houten, at Västerängs farm outside Töreboda, have taken this into account, so now the cows have "summer time" all year round. Arjen and Annie keep their cows in open barns, which means fresh air and no need to worry about ventilation, but it can get chilly.

Arjens and Annies have a herd of 250 dairy cows. On the farm today there are just as many young animals that will grow and ensure that the farm maintains a constant set. They are about 5000 liters of milk that leaves Västerängs Gård every day.da 2021.

- The cows can handle the cold fantastically well! When sub-zero temperatures creep in, it is important to ensure that they have constant access to food and ice-free water cups. The small calves have their own stable with heat and a proper straw bed," says Arjen. The heat in the summer can be harder on the cows, he continues. "Then it's good that the cows can seek shelter in the open stable.

"Summer time", we at Provektor have the privilege of being able to help fix the new stable.

Christoffer Lundström has overall responsibility and project management, responsible installers on site are Ellen and Daniel. We have assembled and installed luminaires in the form of Highbay (LED) with dali control and 2 sensors that measure the lux value both indoors/outdoors. We thus simulate the sun's rise / fall. Installation of heating cables controlled by thermostats to prevent the water from freezing and regular power outlets. On occasion, we have been as many as six men on site to beat the concrete truck 😉.

Västerängs farm has previously expanded its operations with DeLaval's parallel barn, an integrated milking solution. With room for 28 cows to be milked at the same time, Provektor had the confidence to install lighting, milk pumps, dishwasher and ventilation.

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