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Frostaliden - smart solutions, full speed and moving in

Skövde 2018-2020

At Frostaliden in Skövde, there is full speed with projects in all situations. From construction start to ready to move in. Sweden's largest residential area with tall buildings with wooden frames is emerging here. Skövdebostäder is building six point houses with a total of 189 apartments. Provektor is on site with 10 employees at the moment.

The first two houses, phase one, will soon be ready for occupation. The final finishing touches are now being added, while work is proceeding at full speed on phases two and three.

Many smart and energy-saving solutions can be found in this project. Of course, there is a whole row of charging boxes because there is a great demand for parking spaces where electric cars can charge. Of course, all the roofs of the properties are equipped with solar panels, which combined with the fact that all light points are in LED design means that the properties' electricity consumption is very low.

Other thoughtful solutions include sensor protection on stroller storage doors to avoid crushing injuries, and the access system has freestanding poles that make it easy to reach when arriving with a stroller or wheelchair.

In phase two, the Provector team is working on installing electrical centers in apartments and real estate spaces, hooking up hoses in partition walls, connecting boxes and pulling riser cables. This is at the same time as ducting and ladders are being installed in phase 3. Full speed ahead!

When the project is completed, more than 9,000 appliance boxes, 4,500 sockets, 18,000 meters of data cable and 45,000 meters of power cable will have been installed.

Everything will be completed on April 27, 2020, when the last houses will be occupied.

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