Envac Far East

Envac AB is one of the leading companies in waste management. Back in 1961, Envac invented a vacuum-based waste handling system which now serves as part of the infrastructure around the world. Envac has 35 offices in 22 countries, and the company is divided into four business areas based on geographical coverage.

The assignment

Provektor and Envac Far East have a longstanding partnership. A typical assignment was the modernisation of the largest flight kitchen at Hong Kong’s international airport, Cathay Pacific Catering Services (CPCS). The facility produces an average of 68,000 meals a day for over 30 airlines.

The solution

The flight kitchen at CPCS has been in operation since the company started in 1967. The essential machinery for waste management was in place, but the outdated control systems were no longer reliable and needed excessive and costly support.

Envac and Provektor modernised the kitchen area with several hoppers where the food waste is removed with the aid of negative pressure from large vacuum units. Among other things, a hood with negative pressure was installed to enable napkins etc. to be sucked up from the belt, making life easier for the staff later in the process.

“As in any restaurant, a flight kitchen has to be very careful about hygiene. That is something both we and Envac focussed heavily on,” Bengt Karlsson concludes.