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Asketorps Gård invests in energy storage for the future

Asketorps Gård is located just outside Skövde. The farm's business consists first and foremost of egg production with free-range hens. The other part of the business consists of organic plant cultivation that is conducted according to KRAV's rules. There is also a popular farm shop where, in addition to eggs, you will also find many other locally produced goods.

Solar energy is already being produced at Asketorp and now the company is investing further in "green energy" and installing an energy storage facility.

- We have always cared about our farm, our environment and our animals. This means that we want to be at the forefront with a gentle approach. We invested in solar energy seven years ago and now it feels natural to take the next step. We are investing in energy storage for the future," says Magnus Bertilsson at Asketorps Gård.

Partner on site at commissioning

From start to finish, Tobias Zetterberg and Anton Lundin from Provektor have been at Asketorp Farm. They have together pulled cable, assembled, and connected the energy storage. At the time of commissioning, Fredrik Erlandsson and Andras Åhman Dahlström from Provektor were also on site as well as Photomate. Photomate is a distribution partner and service partner to Huawei and is responsible for the checks before commissioning. Everything is carefully checked, measured and documented before commissioning can take place

Asketorp energy storage to support the electricity grid

In the first instance, the energy storage system will support the electricity grid, but in the long term it can also be used to optimize energy consumption by cutting energy peaks and being able to control consumption in a smarter way and use solar energy at a later date.

Andreas Åhman Dahlström, Project Manager Provektor.
- The investment that Asketorps Gård is making shows their commitment to keeping the facility modern and energy efficient, while helping to drive the green transition forward. Together with their existing solar plant, there are many opportunities for energy optimization, both in the short and long term. This is something that we obviously have in mind early in the project planning. Few doubt that energy storage is, and will be, a major significant part of our electricity grid in the future.

Facts about the energy storage
Make: Huawei
Capacity: 97kWh 92kW/100kW

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