Provektor reinforces Passage & Security

Well-functioning access control systems, automatic doors, booking systems and surveillance increase safety and security for companies and organizations. To this can be added a great deal of time savings and that with simple means and smart solutions, you can reduce energy consumption in your properties.

Thomas Edwass, Philip Nehlin, Jonas Gunnervik, David Landén and Adam Kjellén. We miss Daniel Petterson and our two coworkers in the south, Danny Jeppson and Erik Hjertstedt.

As ground-mounted solar and battery installations increase in number and capacity, so do incidents at these installations. The demand for video surveillance of solar installations is currently high and solutions vary according to size, location and capacity.

Provektor meets the demand. The team is growing!

In addition to Jonas Gunnervik, responsible/manager, the growing team also includes Thomas Edwass, authorized engineer CCTV (camera surveillance) and David Landén, project manager with many years of experience in security facilities.

We already have Daniel Petersson who now takes greater responsibility in door automation and access systems. Adam Kjellén and Philip Nehlin's roles within Provektor are clarified towards the Passage & Security business area. In the south there is Danny Jeppsson, responsible, together with Erik Hjertstedt. They cover our branches in Malmö, Helsingborg and Trönninge.

Within Provector's overall commitment to the real estate and construction industry and industry, there is today a given connection to various integrated security systems. Both with the aim of protecting people and property, but also by using relatively simple services to reduce energy consumption in properties of various kinds.

- Access and security is as much about letting peoplein as it is about keeping them out.It should simplify, save time and energy and not least provide control and create security. Now we have the team in place with broad knowledge and a high level of service. It feels really good! says a satisfied Jonas Gunnervik.

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