Solar energy

Solar panels on a building's roof have long been the most common solution. Most roofs are large enough to produce a significant portion of the property's annual electricity consumption. For example, a 250m2 solar installation can produce up to 50 kW, or about 52,000 kWh per year. 

Based on factors such as geographic location, roof area, slope and orientation, and surrounding shading, we develop an optimal solution, taking into account the possibility of getting paid for surplus electricity. If your property has a flat roof, the panels can be mounted at an angle to maximize solar radiation.  

Here you can find out most of what you need to know about solar energy solutions for private homes. With the addition of a battery, you can store excess electricity for use when it is most needed, making you as self-sufficient as possible.

Building a solar park on the ground is based on the same basic technology as rooftop panels, but the differences are greater than the similarities. In addition to the need for available land, completely different efforts are required to protect both the installation itself and people and animals in the surrounding area. Here you can benefit from our extensive knowledge of alarm and surveillance systems. 

A solar park can also, thanks to the fact that the panels are much more visible than on a high roof, become an image enhancer for the business, showing that sustainability issues are taken seriously. You can trust that we know the regulations and have the solutions that work, even on a very large scale.


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