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Villa with sun on the garage

Skara - Ardala 2022

Villa of 105 m² living space, but heats about 265 m² when you include the basement and other ancillary spaces. Electricity consumption/year: about 8,700 kWh. In this case, the panels have been installed on the newly built garage. There are several advantages. One is that the solar panels are positioned in an east/west orientation, which provides an even and steady electricity production throughout the day. Another advantage is that the garage roof is easier to install than the house roof, both in terms of slope and material.

The customer also has an electric car charger for 22 kW. Although the electricity grid can only supply 11kW (16 A), we can charge 22 kW thanks to the solar plant adding the remaining 11 kW when the sun shines.

The panels are mounted horizontally, which means that we could fit more panels. A little more complicated and time-consuming in the actual assembly but more profit in electricity production.

Power: 15.4 kWp
Estimated annual production: 13 177 kWh
Aspect: East/west
Roof pitch: 17 degrees
Number of panels: 40 pcs
Panel model: Trina ED09.05 385W
Inverter: Huawei 12KTL-M2
Surface area: 76.9 m²
Mounting system: Van Der Valk, tile roof (sheet metal that looks like tiles)

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