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Villa with sun in the south

Skara 2022

Villa of 122 m² living space, but heats about 200 m² when you include the basement and other ancillary spaces. Electricity consumption/year: about 16,000Kwh. The solar panels are south facing, giving a high electricity production from morning to early afternoon. The roof has a steep slope, which is good for electricity production but a little more demanding during installation.

Facts about the project
Power: 6.93 kWp
Estimated annual production: 7 407 kWh
Aspect: South
Roof pitch: 42 degrees
Number of panels: 18 pcs
Panel model: Trina ED09.05 385W
Inverter: Huawei 8KTL-M1
Surface area: 35 m²
Mounting system: Esdec, roof tiles

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