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New timber sorting machine at Tibro Sågverk

Tibro 2020

Provektor is at Tibro sawmill. Work is in full swing on a large hourly sorting machine. The machine is better used and is now undergoing a complete renovation - new paint and completely new electrical mechanics. And that's where Tomas and Kevin come in. The work is in full swing, and next week the cabinets are expected to be in place.

Tibro Såg AB is a sawmill that saws both spruce and pine. The term kubb means that the range is intended for sawing and that all logs have the same length. The raw material for the sawmill comes from the fine forests around us in Skaraborg, and is transformed into, among other things, construction timber, packaging timber and timber for glue joint manufacturing.

With such a large production of wood products, there is also a large amount of waste products that are of course utilized in the best possible way. It becomes briquettes for you and me, as well as heating plants and more.

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