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Björkelund - where solar energy is put to great use

Vinninga - Lidköping 2022

Björkelund is a small horse farm with a number of properties on the site. Two dwelling houses and two outbuildings. One dwelling house is 200 m², the other which includes two smaller apartments and storage is 120 m². Electricity consumption about 40 000kWh/year. There is a pool that is heated during the summer months and a spa bath that is kept warm all year round.

A stone's throw away is the "Snickarboden", where the electric car charger with two charging points is located, as well as the stable with heated tack room and hot water. The riding arena has lighting and the pastures have electric fences.

Desired goal with the solar energy plant: Create a profitable and sustainable plant for efficient electricity use.

Thoughts in the project: It has been chosen to put the panels on the "carpenter's shed" and stables. Partly because it will be nice in terms of design as these properties have a black roof and black panels have been chosen. Good roof for mounting and good location on the property in the farm image.

The challenge with this facility was that it was not possible to secure the property to more than 25 Amp on the current electricity subscription. Building out supply cables would cost about SEK 80,000.

Facts about the project
Power: 29.26 kWp
Estimated production: 27 559 kWh/year
Wind direction: East/west
Number of panels: 76 pcs
Panel model: Trina ED09.05 385W
Inverter: Ferroamp EnergyHub 28kW
Surface area: 148 m²
Mounting system: Esdec, Sheet metal

To be able to produce more power than the fuse allowed, FerroAmp's EnergyHub was installed. A system that transfers energy between phase conductors (phase balancing) to increase the space between the main fuse and loads. An economic gain because there was no need to change supply cables and raise the main fuse.

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