Machine safety & CE marking

Machine safety is a major area in which many people feel uncertain. We have staff who are certified within machine safety and can guide and help our customers. This is an area of specialised knowledge which is much appreciated.

All machines and production lines set up or substantially modified since 1 January 1995 are required by EU law to carry the CE mark. The aim is to create safe workplaces for all employees, but to show that we satisfy the legal requirements, we need e.g. verifying documentation, risk analyses, calculations and manuals for safe handling.

Provektor assists with:

  • Risk analyses and studies
  • Verifying documentation and calculations
  • Electrical documentation
  • Mechanical documentation
  • User manuals

Want to know more about Machine safety and CE-marking?

Martin Johansson

Constructor/CE marking

+46 (0)709 44 18 54