Skara Energi AB

Skara Energi AB works to provide good conditions for local residents with an infrastructure that has a minimal impact on the environment. Examples of this are that almost all of the energy in the district heating network comes from biofuel, and that emissions from the water purification plant are kept at a low level.

The assignment

Provektor has been working with the purification plant, water works and district heating plant in Skara since the 1980s. Our assignment covers maintenance and control, monitoring and electrical servicing and optimisation of the facilities.

The solution

We have been working for a long time on automation, alarm systems and electrical installations to optimise the plants for low emissions, high efficiency and reliable operation.

For example, pump controls with intelligent frequency inverters combined with modern process equipment can reduce energy consumption through softer and more stable operation. We also installed modern metering equipment, resulting in faster and more precise process control.